When you’re looking for a family-friendly vehicle, a three-row SUV like the Mazda CX-9 at Auto Express Mazda is ideal. Its advanced safety features give you all the peace of mind you crave when traveling with your most precious cargo.  

Blind-Spot Monitoring

The blind spot monitoring system will chime and display a warning light in your side mirror when it can sense vehicles or objects in your blind spot. It will also have a warning on the available active driving display.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When you attempt to back up, the rear cross traffic alert will warn you if a vehicle is crossing behind you. It will give you an audible and visual warning in the rearview camera display.

MAZDA Radar Cruise Control with Stop and Go

You can conveniently set your preferred speed with Mazda radar cruise control. It also intuitively slows or stops when the traffic ahead of you does to keep you a safe distance from other vehicles.  

Lane Departure Warning and Lane-Keep Assist

The lane departure warning system will warn you when you are deviating from your lane, when traveling at 37 MPH or faster. Lane-keep assist can even gently redirect you if you don’t respond in time.

Driver Attention Alert

The available driver attention alert feature monitors all your driving patterns, including your steering, lane position, and more. It senses when you seem drowsy or inattentive and will give you an audible warning and alert in the LCD meter display.

These are just a start of the impressive features in the Mazda CX-9. We encourage you to visit ourMazda dealership in Erie, PA and see it in action!