It’s the clash of the compact cars. While there are arguably reasons to love them both, we’re highlighting the areas where the Mazda3 at Auto Express Mazda outperforms, and why it’s the ideal choice. 

Smooth Ride

It’s hard to compare the performance of two cars, but you will notice a difference when you get behind the wheel of the Mazda3. Both cars are fun to drive, but the Mazda3 gives you a more spirited performance, while still delivering a smoother ride. Plus, you can opt for the innovative i-Activ AWD® in the Mazda3 for increased traction and control. All-wheel drive isn’t an option in the Honda Civic.

Serious Safety

All-wheel drive helps you feel more in control in the Mazda3. It also adds a plethora of intuitive safety and driver-assist features that give you even more confidence on the road. The superior safety in the Mazda3 helped it earn the coveted IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award. The Honda Civic is an IIHS Top Safety Pick award winner, but only vehicles that earn satisfactory ratings in every category get the plus.

Refined Cabin

While both cars have comfortable cabins, the Mazda3 packs in thoughtful details and premium finishes, particularly in the highest trim levels. It comes standard with a stunning 8.8-inch infotainment screen that helps you easily command your car. You just don’t get the same effect with the five-inch standard screen in the Honda Civic.

Want to learn more about the Mazda3? We think a test drive is in order! Reach out to our Mazda dealership in Erie, PA to schedule an appointment or simply stop in at your convenience. We’d love to get on the road with you today. Come see us!