Your engine oil is so important to your vehicle’s operation. Without it, you could see costly damage or even complete engine failure. If you notice any of these warning signs, it’s important to schedule a Mazda oil change at Auto Express Mazda right away.

Check Engine Light

There are a multitude of issues that can trigger a check engine light. An overdue oil change can certainly be one of them. Our service technicians are happy to determine the culprit that prompted that pesky little icon to turn on.

Unusual Noises

Does your engine sound louder than usual? Without engine oil, there can be some serious friction under your hood. You may start to notice the sound of your engine more or even hear knocking or rumbling under the hood.

Unusual Smell

Noises aren’t the only clue you need an oil change. Also, if you can smell oil within the cabin of your vehicle, it’s time for an oil change. This could signal that you have a leak or that your oil is burning into the exhaust area.

Dark Oil

If your engine oil has a different color or texture than normal, it’s due for a change. Typically, engine oil is honey colored. Once it starts to get too dirty, it will turn a darker color or even black. Dirty oil cannot function the way that it should.

Oil Level is Low

A clear sign it’s time for an oil change? Your level is low! It’s so important to regularly check your oil to ensure your level is adequate.

While it’s essential to follow a routine maintenance schedule, you still need to watch for warning signs to see us sooner. If you do, make sure to reach out to our Mazda dealership in Erie, PA today!