Your vehicle is made up of many important components: tires, air filters, brakes, and more. Here at Auto Express Mazda, we can help you take care of all of these parts of your Mazda vehicle.

If you want to learn more about your vehicle’s air filter, our team can tell you all you want to know about OEM Mazda parts and accessories.

What Do Air Filters Do?

Your air filters in the engine of your Mazda vehicle are responsible for cleaning the dirt and debris from the air before it passes through the engine. Over time, these air filters accumulate more and more debris which renders them ineffective.

When you use OEM air filters from the Mazda brand, they perform at the highest standard. Made to the exact standards of your vehicle, these air filters are made of high-quality materials, so they last much longer.

Do I Need to Replace Air Filters?

Eventually, you will need to replace your air filters to keep your engine running. Our Mazda service team recommends changing out the air filter in your car every 15,000 to 30,000 miles; however, if you drive very often you may want to replace them more frequently.

Here are some other indicators that it’s time to change your air filter:

  • Lack of power when you accelerate
  • Engine slowing down unevenly
  • Fuel level begins to drop quicker than usual
  • Dense smoke coming from the tailpipe

Buy New Air Filters & Parts for Your Vehicle

Ready to shop for new air filters for your Mazda car? Head to our Mazda dealership in Erie, PA, to meet with our team. We can recommend the best accessories to upgrade your Mazda vehicle. Don’t wait any longer to start learning how to properly maintain your car!