Are you thinking about upgrading to a new Mazda car? A simple trade-in of your current vehicle can help you save money when you buy your new vehicle. Trading in is easy at Auto Express Mazda, but our team put together this guide on the trade-in process so you can start driving a new Mazda vehicle right away.

Reasons to Trade-In In Your Car

There are many unknown advantages to trading in your current vehicle when you buy one. One of the main reasons we recommend trading in is that you will save money on your new Mazda car. Our dealership will value your trade-in and apply that amount towards your new purchase.

Essentially, you’ll only need to pay the difference between the two vehicles.

Follow These Steps to Trade-In Your Vehicle

  1. Estimate the Value: Start the trade-in process by using an online Value Your Trade-In tool to estimate the market value of your current vehicle. All you need to know is your vehicle’s make, model, and year and you can get instant results.
  2. Appraise Your Car: Next, confirm the value of your vehicle by assessing its quality and condition with an appraisal appointment. We suggest using CarMax to find out your vehicle’s true market rate.
  3. Shop for a New Mazda Car: Using the estimated value of your vehicle you can set a budget for your new vehicle. Search online or in-person to find a new Mazda car for sale at our dealership.
  4. Negotiate an Offer: Now you can meet with our team to discuss the specific terms of the trade-in agreement. We’ll work with you in one appointment so you can trade-in your vehicle and head home in a new Mazda car.

Start the Trade-In Process Today

There’s no reason to delay any longer; meet with our Mazda finance experts to finalize the deal today!