Need to schedule service for your vehicle? Start by looking up our “Mazda service department hours.” Our dealership is open and ready to help you take care of your Mazda car. Before you head to Auto Express Mazda, here are a few ways you can prep your vehicle for its upcoming service appointment.

1. Call Ahead

Though it may seem obvious, the best way to get ready for a Mazda service appointment is to book it in advance. You can do this by scheduling online or calling our service department.


Make sure that you choose a time that works best for your schedule since our Mazda service department hours are wide open. When you make the appointment, you must let our team know exactly what the issue is.

2. Do Some Research

If you have an idea of the issues plaguing your vehicle, then try and prepare some questions for our team. You know your vehicle better than we do, so make a list of the things you’ve noticed.


During your appointment, you can bring up your concerns and questions to our auto technicians. Find out what OEM Mazda parts need to be replaced, how often you should get your oil changed, etc.

3. Clean Your Car

We don’t mean you should schedule a car detailing or car wash for your Mazda SUV. Instead, we suggest removing any personal artifacts or valuables from inside your vehicle.


You don’t want to leave anything behind while your vehicle is getting serviced. We do ask that you leave your owner’s manual and warranty inside your car for reference purposes.

Meet Our MAZDA Service Team

Get advice, recommendations, and expert maintenance from our Mazda service team. Visit our Pennsylvania Mazda dealership to learn more.