We’ve all been there before – it’s a busy time of year, some of us have a long commute, and it’s easy to put it off an oil change well past when it’s due. Here at Auto Express Mazda, we know how important it is to get Mazda oil change. Our service technicians are here to make the process as quick and easy as possible, but we also thought it might help to have a reminder of why this particular service is so important. 

So why are oil changes so critical to keeping your Mazda3 in good working order? To start with the basics, oil keeps your engine lubricated. You’ve got a lot of moving parts inside your car or SUV, and they’re not just moving fast; they’re heating up, too. Keeping your engine lubricated with oil helps prolong the life of your engine and parts. It also helps keep them cool during all that high-speed movement, and can prevent your engine from overheating. An oil change can even clean your engine by removing dirt particles and other debris that can cause problems. Of course, all that sludge has to go somewhere, which is why it’s so important to replace dirty oil. 

When it comes down to it, regular oil changes can have a huge impact on the life of your Mazda car, by keeping your engine running smoothly. In the short term, you might even see the benefits in increased mileage. If your engine isn’t properly lubricated, it can use more fuel, so oil changes can help you last longer between trips to the gas pump. Even if you’re busy, take time today to get your oil changed and help your engine get through this Pittsburgh winter. Our Mazda service technicians at our dealership can make the process easy, and your Mazda3 will be grateful!