Driving can be fun, but if you ask an Erie Mazda dealer at Auto Express Mazda, they might also tell you that it can be pretty dangerous. It can be easy to forget about the most common hazards on the road, and you may be unsure of the best way to deal with them. So today, we wanted to touch on two particularly common dangers for drivers and give you a quick refresher on the best way to handle them.

Traffic is a big road hazard that many of us are used to dealing with, especially if commutes involve taking our Mazda car or SUV on busy expressways or city streets. When in bad traffic, it can be tempting to drive closely behind the car in front of us, but it’s important to keep extra space for braking quickly if there’s a sudden slowdown. It’s also good to stay extra alert, in case of another vehicle suddenly braking or pulling in front of you.

Another common problem that we all encounter more than we’d like on the road is potholes! In addition to the risk to your car, potholes can also create a danger from other drivers swerving to avoid them. So be alert to the road in front of you, and keep an eye out for potholes in both lanes of traffic. If you do see one ahead of you, don’t swerve immediately – slow down. This allows you to more safely drive around the pothole, and decreases the risk if you do need to drive over it.

No matter how many safety features a vehicle had, some dangers just can’t be avoided on the road, and we want all our drivers to say safe. You can help yourself stay safer on the road with a few simple tricks, and by investing in a car with a great safety rating and features like the 2019 Mazda6 or the 2019 Mazda CX-5. Pittsburgh drivers, stay safe out there!