We don’t know about you, but here at your home for new and pre-owned Mazda vehicles, it seems like summer has been going on a long time already. Luckily though, it’s only July, and we have plenty of summer left to go! But there is a downside to the season: the heat. There’s not much worse than getting into a hot car on a hot day. And not only is it uncomfortable for the drivers, but it can be bad for your car, as well. That’s why we wanted to take a few minutes to talk about some tips and tricks to help your car beat the heat this summer!

One of the easiest ways to keep your Mazda car a little cooler in the hot months is to park in the shade or in a covered garage as much as possible. Even if it means you’re walking a little further in the sun, you’ll be grateful when you open your car doors to a cooler car. If you can’t find a naturally shady spot in which to park regularly, it’s worth investing in a window visor or sunshade to help keep the worst of the sun’s rays from cooking your car. We also suggest protecting your dashboard – a dash cover or even a large towel keeps the vinyl from becoming too hot, and can also help protect against fading and cracking. In fact, covering as much as you can is usually a good move. A towel over the seat or steering wheel can also make getting into your car on a hot day a lot more pleasant.

Hot days don’t have to mean a hotter car, and a few easy fixes can keep you cooler and help protect your new or used Mazda models. Erie, PA drivers can find the right car or SUV for summer here at Auto Express Mazda. Stay cool out there!