Drivers who choose a used Mazda model over a brand-new model can often enjoy many of the same benefits at a more affordable price. Although buying a used car has its advantages, some may wonder if the quality of the vehicle matches up with its lower price tag. Let’s look at how used cars find their way to a dealership to help you decide if a used Mazda model is right for you.

Dealer Auctions

Most dealerships source used cars in their inventory from wholesale dealer auctions. The inventory of these auctions varies from new to traded-in vehicles, and dealers can search through the available models to purchase stock for their inventory.

Other Dealers

Another way dealers can purchase used cars is through another dealership. This option eliminates the extra cost of buyer and seller fees that dealers are subject to at a wholesale auction. In addition, dealers can maintain relationships with dealers with similar branding and maximize their search for specific models.


Many dealers buy vehicles from customers through their trade-in program and then include them in their used or certified pre-owned inventory. These vehicles often undergo rigorous inspections by technicians to ensure the quality matches the car’s value. In addition, drivers who choose a Mazda Certified Pre-Owned car at our dealership can access multiple warranties, including a zero deductible on covered repairs. 

Test-Drive a Used Mazda Model in Erie, PA

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