Battery failure can appear with multiple warning signs; the consequences can be dangerous if not solved promptly. At Auto Express Mazda, our trained technicians only use genuine Mazda parts and are prepared to handle your repair and service needs with expert precision and care. Let’s look at four warning signs your Mazda car battery is dying to help you determine when you should visit us for service.

1.    Dim or Flickering Headlights

A car battery doesn’t just supply power to the engine of your Mazda car. Although you may only use your headlights during specific conditions, low visibility indicates your battery is dying.

If you notice that your headlights are dim or flicker when you turn them on, this could be a warning sign that you should check your battery to ensure it works appropriately during hazardous road conditions like excessive rain and snow.

2.    The Engine is Slow to Start

Most vehicles, even if harsh weather conditions, should start almost immediately. If you notice it takes several attempts to start your engine, there may be an internal issue with your battery. Frequent jumpstarts may solve the problem temporarily, but we recommend taking your car to a service center to prevent any major issues from happening in the future.

3.    Leaking Battery Acid

When your battery is corroded, it will begin to leak battery acid and give off a sulfuric smell. If you notice this odor, which can also smell like rotten eggs, when you pop your hood, it is a significant indicator that your battery is dying. This substance can be harmful, so you should bring your car to our service center to ensure the problem is solved.

4.    Battery Warning Light

Warning lights are a simple way to notify drivers of problems with their vehicles. If you see the battery light on your dashboard, don’t wait to get it serviced. Although it may be easy to ignore, delaying service could cause future problems for your vehicle.

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