If you haven’t been to our Mazda service center in a while, now’s the perfect time for a visit. The mechanics here at Auto Express Mazda are ready to offer you all the maintenance help your car needs, including these fall service tasks.  

Battery Check 

Your battery helps your car start and powers the electrical systems in your vehicle, so you’ll want to be sure that it’s in top shape as inclement weather approaches. The summer can be tough on this component, so we’ll make sure that it’s still holding a charge and free from corrosion at your fall service appointment.  

Brake Service 

Your braking system is made up of a variety of Mazda parts that work together to keep you safe on the road. We’ll examine everything from the rotors to the brake lines to make sure that your car is responsive and safe to drive this season.  

Wiper Replacement 

If your wipers are old, they could leave behind streaks that make it harder to see out of your windshield. Another sign that these parts are past their prime is an unpleasant, squeaky noise they make as they travel across your windshield. New wipers are inexpensive and easy for our technicians to replace.  

Tire Service 

It’s important to make sure that your tires are in good shape at a seasonal service appointment. Whether you need a tire rotation or some minor repairs, our Mazda mechanics can help.  

Headlight Bulb Replacement  

The days are going to get darker earlier, so we always check for problems with headlights at a fall service appointment. We can replace bulbs, clean up the lenses, or fix any electrical issues.  

So don’t delay your fall service appointment. Visit our Mazda mechanics in Erie, PA today!