No one wants to deal with serious issues with their vehicle. However, searching for a new vehicle may be a bigger expense than you can afford. We’re outlining the times we recommend scheduling a Mazda repair or when it’s better to trade in at Auto Express Mazda.

What’s My Vehicle Worth?

When considering repairs, it’s important to consider the value of your vehicle. We have a helpful tool on our site so you can see an instant cash offer for your vehicle from Kelley Blue Book.

Simply search for your vehicle by make and model, your license plate number, or your VIN number to determine what your vehicle may be worth, and compare it to the cost of repairs.

Will Repairs Increase My Vehicle’s Value?

It depends. When you’re considering selling your vehicle to a private party, you will likely have a much harder time selling one that has serious issues. A dealership, however, has all the tools and expertise needed to fix it, so you don’t always need to make repairs ahead of time when trading in.

That said, if your repairs are minor or affordable, don’t hesitate to make them in order to get the best value for your sale.

When is it Past the Point of Repairing?

As a general guideline, experts recommend trading in your car if the repairs outweigh the value of your vehicle or the cost of a year’s worth of new car payments. Naturally, you’ll have to consider the costs of both.

As we mentioned, you can get a Kelley Blue Book instant cash offer for your vehicle to see the estimated value. An auto payment calculator can also provide an estimate of the monthly payments on a new purchase.

Still have questions? Contact our Mazda dealership in Erie, PA – we’re happy to help!