Considering trading in your vehicle at Auto Express Mazda? We have an extensive selection of quality used cars and we’d love to add yours to our inventory. Before visiting us, however, it’s best to make sure your vehicle is ready to sell.

Determine Your Trade-in Value

Looking up your trade-in value online is a great idea before selling your car. That way, you can have realistic expectations about what your vehicle is worth. Keep in mind, this is just an estimate. It’s a good idea to play around with the options too. Does the value increase enough to justify doing some repairs or even ordering part replacements?

Fix Minor Issues

While replacing an engine or transmission probably isn’t justified, there are repairs you may want to consider. You can try fixing minor scratches or dings. Consider replacing a cracked windshield. Replace headlights and taillights that no longer work too. Keep in mind, a dealership can likely make major repairs much more affordably than you can, so consider your return-on-investment before spending major bucks.

Visit the Carwash

Yes, a clean car can be worth more. The cleaner your car is the less time we must spend detailing it. Plus, it’s easier to see the condition of your vehicle which may be considered less-than-ideal if your vehicle is too dirty. Visit the carwash so that we know there are no hidden scratches or corrosion. Carefully detail the inside too and remove all clutter so we can easily see your cabin’s condition too.

Ready to trade in your vehicle? We are ready to buy it! Visit our car dealership in Erie, PA to get an estimate on your trade-in value. We look forward to seeing you soon!