It’s never a good idea to consider buying a pre-owned Mazda vehicle without having all the facts. A big purchase requires making big decisions, but luckily Auto Express Mazda is here to help you out.

Before you sign on the dotted line for a pre-owned Mazda car, here are five questions you need to ask.

1. What Kind of Car do I Need?

Start to think about what you want out of your vehicle. Ask yourself if you’re looking for space and comfort or if you want something powerful. We recommend making a list of your must-have features and specifications to make your decision easier.

2. What’s the Vehicle’s History?

When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, it’s helpful to have a picture of the car’s background. Fortunately, at Auto Express Mazda we provide a complimentary vehicle history report from CARFAX when you decide to buy one of our pre-owned Mazda vehicles.

3. Can I take it for a Test Drive?

Our Mazda auto team knows that the best way to see if a car is right for you is to take it for a test drive. Contact our team to set up an appointment with your favorite pre-owned Mazda model. During your appointment try to simulate your normal driving habits.

4. Is a Warranty Included with my Pre-Owned MAZDA?

Depending on the specific vehicle, a warranty could already be included with your pre-owned Mazda. If your car is young enough, the warranty will still be in effect. If not, then you can purchase coverage for your pre-owned Mazda.

5. Can I Finance the Purchase?

Contrary to popular belief you can actually finance a pre-owned Mazda vehicle. This is a great way to borrow the money you need to make your monthly car payments.


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