Over time, every driver will need to replace parts in their vehicle. Start by searching the internet for “Mazda auto parts near me” to see the auto parts for sale at Auto Express Mazda. Our Mazda auto team will help you find the right Mazda auto parts you need.

Most Common Auto Parts to Replace

  1. Oil and Oil Filter: Changing your oil is part of basic vehicle maintenance and should be done every six months or so. Replacing your oil filter is also important and should be done at the same time, or approximately every 3,000 miles.
  2. Wiper Blades: These are essential to your visibility when driving in inclement weather, so be sure to change these every six months to avoid damage. If you delay replacing them, they could become compromised and stop functioning when you need them most.
  3. Car Battery: Depending on your driving habits, your car’s battery will last about three to five years. Since your vehicle literally won’t run without a working battery, you’ll need to replace your battery at our Mazda service center.
  4. Tires: Your tires are responsible for helping you maintain traction and control on the road; however, they will wear down over time. Whether it’s general wear and tear or a flat tire after 25,000 miles, most sets of tires will need replacement.
  5. Air Filter: Your engine air filter purifies the incoming air to your vehicle. During this process, the filter acquires a build-up of dirt and dust. At some point, this will prevent it from filtering your air. We recommend replacing it every 10,000 miles or more to keep it functioning.

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