When it comes to car maintenance, one aspect that many drivers struggle with is brake service. Many people are unsure when or how to take care of their brakes, and often aren’t even sure what kind of maintenance their brakes need. Luckily, our technicians at our Mazda service center are experts on all types of service, including brake maintenance and repair. Today, we wanted to share some expert tips on what kind of brake maintenance you might need and when to get it.  

There are a few different reasons why your Mazda vehicle might be having braking problems. If you’re finding your brakes aren’t performing as well as you’d like, it could be that the brake pads have crystallized, meaning the heat from over-use has hardened them and made them less effective at stopping. Your brakes could also be soaked with oil or grease from a broken oil seal or another part. If you notice warning signs like these, it might be time to bring in your car before these problems become more serious.  

A tell-tale sign of faulty brakes is an unusual noise coming from your wheels. If you hear an intense squealing sound when you brake, your brake pads may be worn. It’s best to take care of this issue right away, before it becomes a more costly repair.   

While these are some of the more prominent brake issues, there are other problems that could affect your Mazda CX-5. If you live near Pittsburgh and are worried about your brakes, you can get help right here at Auto Express Mazda. Let our expert service staff keep you safe on the road!