With the chilly temperatures that have gripped the area around our Erie, PA Mazda dealership lately, it’s hard for many drivers to believe that spring is right around the corner. Believe it or not, spring really is set to arrive in just a few weeks, on March 20th to be more exact.

Given how tough a typical Pennsylvania winter is on vehicles, it’s vital that you do a few things to prep your car for the upcoming season. The first thing you should do is spray off the undercarriage of your automobile. You don’t need to use a cleaning agent to wash the underbelly of your car. Your goal is to simply remove any residual road salt or sand from the underpinnings of your vehicle.

If you’re handy, you should consider installing new windshield wipers. This is particularly important if your current wipers are showing signs of wear and tear. If you need new wipers, you can pick some up by visiting our Mazda parts center.

Motorists who aren’t comfortable installing their own wipers can make an appointment to have new ones installed in our Mazda service center near Edinboro, PA. Even if you don’t need new wipers, you should still bring your car into our Mazda service center so we can finish preparing your automobile for spring for you.

A Mazda oil change, a brake inspection, and a battery test are just some of the things our factory-trained technicians will do to prep your car for spring. We’ll also rotate your tires, measure your air pressure, test your air conditioning system, and check your belts and hoses, among other things.

To learn what else we’ll do to get your car ready for the upcoming change of season, contact Auto Express Mazda or stop by our convenient location today.